Week 1: The organization of finances


English for the financial sector is a course for business students and people working in the financial industry with an intermediate or upper-intermediate level of English.

This course aims to:

  • explain the basic concepts of most areas of finance
  • build your financial vocabulary through reading, listening and discussion
  • develop your comprehension of financial texts
  • develop your listening skills in financial English
  • improve your speaking skills through discussion, case studies and role plays (with tutor Jet)
  • develop your business communication proficiency by increasing your confidence and fluency in a range of skills.
  • Practise specific language functions such as advising, suggesting, agreeing and disagreeing, clarifying, reviewing and summarising. 

The course consists of 8 weeks, 7 days a week with a 7 hour study week.


I hope you enjoy my online course!

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