Dutch training course for foreigners.

Intensive Dutch language course

Suitable for whom?

There are several Dutch training courses to improve your language. I have Listed several trainings below for you. You can then decide which suits you best!

  • You already speak a little Dutch
    The course Dutch for non-native speakers is suitable for you!
  • You are obliged to integrate
    Then choose the course Dutch for foreigners.
  • You want to study or work in the Netherlands.
    If you want to work or study in the Netherlands, the Dutch as a Second Language (NT2) course will suit you. This course is available at different levels:
  • Lower framework positions or secondary vocational education (level B1)
  • Middle management and higher positions or higher professional education and university education. (level B2)


Anyone who wants to improve their spoken and written Dutch, can follow the course Dutch for non-native speakers. The course will help you to improve your Dutch language skills to a higher level. The starting level is the basic level Dutch A1. After completing my language training you can easily visit the hospital, socialise with the neighbour, arrange your papers for a stay in the Netherlands, have more difficult conversations about daily matters, follow the news at a good level and much more

Does that sound interesting? Then sign up today and start tomorrow!

The best choice!

Each year dozens of students choose a course via English with Jet. The convenience that I have both the Dutch and the English language on professional and native level, gives many students more self-confidence.


The intensive training covers a total of 30 lessons. These hours can be scheduled in consultation with the teacher. The total costs for the training:

€ 1595,- per person private lessons

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