Blended Online Dutch Course

Level 0 to A2 " De opstap"

The basic method 'De Opstap' is a method for beginning users of the Dutch language. This training is for higher educated adults inside and outside the Netherlands. This first online training leads to A2 level. The course consists of a number of themes that you regularly come into contact with, such as everyday situations in getting to know each other better, shopping and telephone calls, visiting the GP and travelling. The method is aimed at activating the prior knowledge and further developing your vocabulary. 

Why Blended Learning?

Literally translated Blended Learning means 'mixed learning' and that is exactly what it is. By using Blended Learning, I don't only use the traditonal way of teaching, I combine Online Teaching with a modern way of face-to-face learning, for example using Skype or Face Connection by phone. 

Success reasons

Involvement in the curriculum and the training

Do you know why children's books have so many pictures? It is scientifically proven that children retain their interest better when they see different types of content. Actually, this is already a years-old form of Blended Learning: the combination of text and images. Blended Learning is built on the same principle, but goes beyond a combination between images and text. Blended Learning often uses a combination of text, (classroom) meetings, e-learning, quizzes and illustrations. This makes it easier for you as a student to retain your interest and focus and to improve the learning content.


So many people, so many learning styles

Everyone has their own way of learning. Some prefer to 'stamp' the theory in the head, others like to hear how someone explains it, and another person likes to read through the theory several times. That is why it is actually very strange that we have been relying for years on one teaching method: the classroom method. Because of the combination that is present within Blended Learning, the different learning methods come out much better. As a student you can decide for yourself which learning method suits you best and thus achieve the optimal learning efficiency.


The teaching material can be perfectly attuned to the student

"If a hammer is your only tool, you tend to see every problem as a nail." Everyone knows this proverb and it also applies to traditional training. If the knowledge does not stick well, what do you do as a teacher? Hand out more handouts? Holding an extra session and explaining the substance again?


What if it is not the theory, but the way it is learned?

Blended Learning gives teachers and students much more flexibility. Thanks to the online aspect, teachers can easily see how students deal with the course material by means of reports. Does a quiz not work optimally? Then the teacher can replace the quiz with an image, infographic or piece of text. He or she can vary for as long as the substance does stay well with the students.


Improved personal feedback

In many cases, the traditional, class-based form is based on one official feedback moment, namely the time of examination. If you want to receive feedback as a student earlier, you will have to specifically ask for this from the trainer. In this case there is no proactive feedback from the trainer or teacher. And to be honest, that is not possible, because he or she does not have direct insight into your personal developments.


With Blended Learning this is possible! You do part of the training through an online environment and online environments are measurable. The teacher or trainer can therefore easily see what you are having trouble with, where you get stuck or where you need some steering. The feedback process becomes a lot more proactive and the learning trajectory becomes a lot more valuable for you as a trainee!


Last but not least! Much more fun!

Learning must be fun. Say yourself, you used to get the highest marks in the courses that you liked the most? That is really no coincidence, because the more fun you find something, the better the results will be.

Blended Learning brings variation in the learning process. You are not sitting for days on end but only in a book or just listen to a teacher. Because of the different teaching forms you stay continuously triggered, it is easier to keep your attention and learning is so much more fun!


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