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Find your True Colours of  Business English

A benefit for all

After our 'true colours of doing business' training, you'll be able to recognise the cultural variables that influence your communication in English with your colleagues and partners worldwide. We will do this by familiarising you with various international studies on how cultural variables influence work assumptions and relationships in a culturally diverse workplace.
We will also help you to improve your vocabulary for discussing cultural differences in a neutral inoffensive way, which will ultimately help you to maximise your ability to communicate in an international cultural diverse work field. 

"Workplace English from an intercultural perspective."

Ensure a successful international assignment in the WORLD by learning more about WorldWide business and social culture. 2SpeakUp's Cross-Cultural courses are designed to respond to the needs of international assignees by providing practical information and advice on the various aspects of working in a culturally diverse workplace all over the world, as well as conveying an understanding of the underlying elements that shape your culture inside and out