Mediation English Course


4 days training course!




€ 1495,- p.p. excl. BTW


Books are included even so the certificate that you will receive at the end of the course.

This course

In this course you will get familiar with theories concerning communication, conflict and conflict styles but the main focus of the course is to practice skills and acquire insight in your own conflict behavior as well as the mediation process and the skills of the mediator. After this course you will be more able to resolve your own conflict and to act as a mediator in a conflict between others.

We offer

  • Mediation terms and cases in a practical manner. 
  • Text putting the terms in the vocabularies into their 'legal' context;
  • Case discussion questions in order to practice using the terminology;
  • Conflict reduction& full mediation process.

Target group

This course is designed for non-native English speakers, for all those who have studied law & mediation but not in English or for those who are working in a legal environment and who want to become more familiair with Legal English, conflict resolution & mediation

Starting dates

Dates: are always in consultation with Jet. You can start at any moment during the year.


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