Video influences on your business

How video can improve your business

Have you already tried a live video on your companies website? The ease and speed of video recording is what we like. In today's digital climate we can't even think without digital devices. Live video streaming of your business generates interest in your brand and company! 

If you have a business page on Facebook and you share a written post, you will certainly have some viewers, depending if your advert is interesting enough for the bigger public. If you post the same advert with a spoken video, or a quick view of your business you will triple your viewers and likes on your business page. It generates more traffic on your website and for the long term it will build trust and credibility with your customers. 


l remember my first online video. I was excited and anxious the same time. Reminding me that my face will be on the internet for ever! One of the things I like most about videos is to help level the playing filed by giving the smallest businesses a platform to discuss their product. 

Much of the video success is due to the fact that they are, by nature, very realistic. More than words alone, a video also gives u a chance to interpret body language and other non-verbal cues that echo what the customer is saying. Bonus points if they're a charismatic storyteller and can spin a tale including your product.


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